5 Delightful Valentines Day activities for you and your pet

The love between a pet and its owner is one of the strongest relationships in nature! Ok, maybe I’m a bit biased, but you can’t deny the special love we all share for our pets. 

With the global pandemic, many of us stayed closer to home this past year and our pets were there for us. Whether you already had a pet before the pandemic, or recently welcomed one to your family, you know that are simply fabulous companions (and cuddlers)…and they are actually good for our mental and physical health too!

Did you know that being a pet parent can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increase your fitness, relieve stress, and boost your overall happiness? Those who know me, know how much my pups have changed my life, and I believe it can for you too…when you show them a little love in return!

With Valentines Day coming up and date nights out being scarce with the pandemic, I thought it would be fun to talk about all the fun ways we can spend Valentine’s Day closer to home with our pets!

Have a Movie Night: No matter how our day went, cuddling up with our pets and watching a sappy Netflix movie makes a great date night. Make it one that your pet would like too (maybe one with animals as the stars?)

Go for a Walkie: If you’ve got a dog, find a new dog park or local trail and go for a safe, socially distanced walk. It’s a great way for both of you to get some fresh air and exercise together. Don’t forget, couples that exercise together, get fit together!

Binge on a special snack: If your pet is driven by their stomach, as many pets are, buy or bake them a special pet-safe treat to enjoy. You can enjoy a box of chocolates or a special wine. Just be sure your pet doesn’t get into your Valentine’s chocolate because it’s NOT safe for them!

Talk to your veterinarian about what ingredients are safe for your pet. Dogs, for example, are generally allowed cheese, peanut butter (without Xylitol), cooked eggs, fish, fresh, cooked meat, honey, and some grains such as rice, mindful of sensitivities of course. I suggest finding a local pet bakery (to support local) and getting a special, freshly baked treat for them.

Don’t forget to order your pooch a Puppuccino when going through the drive through.

Snuggle in bed: A good snuggle is great for your mental wellness. I believe that a good pet snuggle can heal what ails you! So grab a big fuzzy blanket and cuddle in front of the fireplace with your pet.

Make eye contact: My final tip for spending Valentine’s day with your pet, is to simply make eye contact with them! Yep! Look deep into each other’s eyes and you’ll both release oxytocin (aka the “feel good” hormone”). It’s the same hormone that is released when you play together or pet them. 

So, this Valentine’s Day if you don’t have a hot blind date or a romantic evening planned with your significant other, spend a quiet evening at home with your pet. Release some oxytocin and remind each other how much you care! 

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